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Asia Pacific Senbo plans to build a 1million ton/year white card production capacity in Rugao, Jiangsu Province. Date: Source: paper industry lianxun

Jiangsu Rugao recently conducted the second environmental assessment publicity on the phase I 1million ton/year high-grade white card paper project of Asia Pacific Senbo (Jiangsu) pulp and Paper Co., Ltd

according to the announcement, the center has set up a research and development team of nearly 70 people. Asia Pacific Senbo (Jiangsu) pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. plans to build a phase I high-grade white cardboard project with an annual output of 1million tons in Rugao Changjiang town (Rugao Port Industrial Park)

according to the environmental impact assessment report, the construction content includes the outsourcing pulp board allocation, coating auxiliary material section, white cardboard production line, storage, etc., and the supporting construction of environmental protection facilities and public auxiliary works. The total investment of the project is about 6480.39 million, including 375.66 million for environmental protection. The width of the paper machine is 8100mm, the working speed is 1200m/min, and the design speed is 1300m/min

last June, Singapore Golden Eagle Group signed a contract to settle in Rugao, Jiangsu Province. According to the public information at that time, the industrial experiment speed of Golden Eagle (Rugao) park was relatively low, with a total investment of about 42billion yuan. It planned to build the lessel fiber, high value-added palm oil processing, forest pulp paper (food grade paperboard, chemical mechanical pulp, high-grade office paper) and gas-fired cogeneration projects, forming an annual output of 300000 tons of lessel fiber, 500000 tons of palm oil processing, 2million tons of food grade paperboard, 1million tons of chemical mechanical pulp The annual production scale of 1million tons of high-grade office paper

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