How will the LED display enter a new stage

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What will be the market dynamics of LED display screen when it enters a new stage

under the adjustment of market economy, "reshuffle" as a direct manifestation of economic innovation and development is particularly obvious for the LED display screen industry. For a long time, the LED display screen industry has the characteristics of "complexity". As a branch of application in the semiconductor field, it is also a high-tech industry in terms of technology. Undoubtedly, the LED display screen is also very sensitive to the market performance. So far, the LED display screen industry has been shuffled for many years. The current LED display screen industry is in a stage of development and improvement. The industry pattern that "the strong convert pressure signals into electrical signals to computers is not strong, and the weak are not weak" has not been fundamentally changed, and the industry concentration needs to be further strengthened

in the past, the first-line brand enterprises represented by listed companies continued to make efforts in production lines, channels and brand building, but the pattern of the industry dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises was still obvious. In the whole year, there were no more than five enterprises with a main business revenue of more than 1billion yuan, and most of them had a revenue of less than billion yuan. These small and medium-sized enterprises have low financing and anti risk ability, serious product homogenization and lack of competitiveness. Under the continuous macroeconomic downward trend, combined with the general rise in the price of raw materials last year, suppliers are unwilling to lend money and other adverse factors, some small and medium-sized enterprises will be difficult to cross this threshold

with the filtration of small and medium-sized enterprises, the industry resources will be further occupied by powerful large enterprises. In the case that the business of large enterprises is in urgent need of expansion, M & A and cross-border will become a significant way for LED display enterprises to expand their scale and pursue profits in the future, and will continue to occur in a long time. Its performance mainly includes horizontal mergers and acquisitions and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Horizontal mergers and acquisitions will mainly focus on companies with certain influence in the industry's internal subdivisions. Enterprises with expertise in leasing, drill bit transparent screens with special geometric characteristics, and soft module shaped screens will be sought after; In terms of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, ar/vr will remain a hot spot. In addition, media, sports, education and other fields will continue to receive attention

it is worth noting that the LED display industry, as a icing on the cake, has been greatly restricted by the global economic downturn for several consecutive years. In order to seek market share, in recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises in the LED display industry, in order to survive, have spared no effort to rely on price war, which is a way of "killing thousands of enemies and losing hundreds of their own". As a result, the profitability of many small and medium-sized enterprises has been greatly reduced, and industry enterprise closures are common. Under the impact of the wave of LED display technology innovation in the future, the "old" technology is gradually out of date, This will undoubtedly be a great blow to China's LED display enterprises that are originally lack of innovation, and will be a fatal blow to more LED display enterprises that rely on "old-fashioned" technology to survive

cold and hot impact testing machine is also called high and low temperature impact testing box or temperature impact testing box. Generally speaking, in the field of conventional screen, the gross profit of many enterprises is even less than 10%. In recent years, the labor cost and housing rental cost in China, especially in the first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, have increased sharply. In addition, the price rise of raw materials since the second half of last year and other factors, a comprehensive analysis shows that the situation in 2017 will not be conducive to the survival of some small and medium-sized enterprises with low financing ability and weak profit and order receiving ability. 2017 may become a watershed, and some small and medium-sized enterprises with difficult survival will be reshuffled in this wave of adjustment

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