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Research and Analysis on the development situation of the International Photovoltaic Industry in 2013

the dispute over the photovoltaic industry between China and Europe has continued from 2012 to 2013. From the current situation, the two sides still have very big differences on the problems of this industry

as we all know, last year was the most turbulent year for the global photovoltaic industry, and the local photovoltaic industries of all countries were not so prosperous, resulting in an increasingly fierce trade war. Among them, the most striking is the series of measures taken by the European Union on the production of Chinese photovoltaic products, including the double anti-dumping measures

on February 18 and 20, the European Commission held two hearings on the anti-dumping cases of photovoltaic products against China. At this hearing, in addition to euprosun (European Photovoltaic manufacturers Union), which is led by Solarworld, Germany, the prosecution party, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises including Yingli Green energy, Trinasolar, Atlas sunshine and European colleagues supporting China attended

"the two hearings are mainly to examine the legitimacy of the anti-dumping case of ④ import substitution trend. At the same time, euprosun proposed to register the Chinese photovoltaic products exported to the EU by the end of February, thus paving the way for adding retrospective tariffs in the future." The above-mentioned person from the Ministry of Justice said that euprosun believed that the European Union's anti-dumping and anti-dumping measures would finally take place, and China's photovoltaic products would increase exports to Europe before June, the preliminary determination

at the same time, EU diplomatic sources said on the 20th that Member States have approved the European Commission's plan to register China's photovoltaic products in preparation for the tax on the import market worth 21billion euros. In this regard, some EU leaders warned that the tension between the EU and China might trigger a trade war

the source pointed out that representatives of EU Member States held a regular meeting on the 20th and adopted a plan to require the registration of Chinese photovoltaic products. According to this plan, if it is found that China and Chinese companies use the price far below the cost to sell photovoltaic products in the EU, the EU will impose punitive tariffs on these products. However, the source did not say when the EU would start implementing the registration measures

data show that China's exports of photovoltaic products to Europe reached US $20.4 billion in 2011, with a direct employment population of more than 300000. If the EU's "double anti" case against China's photovoltaic industry is passed, it will become the largest trade dispute between China and the EU in history

the Ministry of Commerce of China has not blindly defended many trade initiatives of the European Union. On November 1 last year, the Ministry of Commerce of Inner Mongolia issued announcements No. 70 and No. 71 of 2012, deciding to initiate anti-dumping and countervailing investigations against solar grade polysilicon originating in the European Union from now on

the English name of the product involved in this investigation is solar gradepolysilicon, which belongs to the import and export tariff of the people's Republic of China. The electronic grade polysilicon used to produce semiconductor products such as integrated circuits and discrete devices under this tariff number is not within the scope of the products investigated in this investigation

in accordance with the provisions of the anti dumping regulations of the people's Republic of China and the anti subsidy regulations of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of Commerce will investigate the dumping and subsidies of the above-mentioned imported products originating in the European Union and the damage caused to the industry of similar products in China from now on, and make a fair ruling in accordance with the health law

the Ministry of Commerce will continue to support China's photovoltaic development. On March 25, Chongquan, deputy representative and vice minister of international trade negotiations of the Ministry of Commerce, made a more forceful statement. He said that the photovoltaic industry involves the major interests of China. If the European side insists on setting restrictions on this product and seriously damages the interests of Chinese enterprises, the Chinese government will never stand idly by. "We have no choice but to take all measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise." Zhonghua glass () Department

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