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Research and Analysis on the current situation of the development of three plastic machinery

polymer materials represented by plastics have become the four basic materials side by side with steel, wood and cement. Plastic products have also been widely used in all industries of the national economy and all fields of people's life. Polymer materials represented by plastics have become the four basic materials alongside steel, wood and cement. Plastic products have also been widely used in all industries of the national economy and all fields of people's life. Luo Baihui, head of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, pointed out that since all plastic raw materials need to be processed and manufactured by plastic machinery and molds before they can be formed into plastic products with a wide range of uses, plastic machinery has become a major player in aerospace, national defense, petrochemical, marine, electronics, optoelectronic communications, building materials, packaging, electrical appliances, automobiles, transportation Agriculture, light industry and other industries of the national economy

in recent years, the plastic machinery industry has taken industrial transformation and upgrading as the main line, adhered to the path of independent innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-end development, accelerated the cooperation between industry, University and research, and successively developed and produced a large number of high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic machinery products. For example, the servo energy-saving plastic injection molding machine launched by the industry can achieve an energy-saving rate of 40% - 80% according to the geometry and size of products, and the energy-saving effect has reached the international advanced level, which is recognized and welcomed by the market

with the increasing demand for plastics, the development of film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry is stimulated, and the market potential of plastic machinery industry is huge. Luo Baihui, head of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, believes that from a worldwide perspective, the three major categories of plastic machinery are injection molding machines, extruders/extrusion lines and blow molding machines, which account for more than 80% of the total output value of plastic machinery, of which injection molding machines account for more than half of the total of these three types of machinery

I. injection molding machine

injection molding machine is to inject molten plastic into the mold, and the product is after cooling It has a wide range of uses. According to different plastics, it is used in different places Injection molding machine is the most widely used processing machine in the plastic processing industry. Not only a large number of products can be directly produced by injection molding machine, but also it is the key equipment of injection, drawing and blowing process

features of injection molding machine control system:

1 Adopt the advanced computer control of famous factories

2. Self diagnosis fault function

3. Directly input pressure, speed, time, stroke, temperature and other data

d color LCD

5 Centralized lubrication

6. Pressure coupled oil circuit saves electricity

7.24 V DC oil pressure directional valve coil will never be damaged

8. Mold cooling water regulating device

9. M. C.B. safety electric heating control

10. Advanced computer control system, large screen display, interface operation, clean and easy to use

11. High precision electronic ruler stroke control, accuracy up to 0.1mm

12. Improve reproducibility by using pressure and oil volume feedback

13 Mechanical, electrical and oil pressure triple safety devices. You can go to Jinan experimental machine factory whenever you buy a wood-based panel universal experimental machine. What can ensure the safety of the operator (pd60-pd148 is equipped with oil pressure)

14. Improve reproducibility and operability by installing superior position sensors

15. The control of closed-loop control is used to realize ultra precision molding

II. Extruder

extruder is used to extrude molten plastic through a fixed shape extrusion port under the action of screw, and then cut after water cooling and shaping under the action of tractor It is mainly used for mass continuous production of various products with the same cross-section, such as tubes, rods, profiled materials, etc., and can also be used for plastic modification granulation

The basic mechanism of extrusion is very simple. A screw rotates in the cylinder and pushes the plastic forward

the screw is actually an inclined plane or slope, wound on the central layer. The purpose is to increase pressure in order to overcome greater resistance. For an extruder, there are three kinds of resistance to overcome: the friction of solid particles (feed) against the cylinder wall and the mutual friction between them when the screw rotates for the first few rounds (feed area); The adhesion of the melt on the cylinder wall; The internal logistics resistance of the melt when it is pushed forward

according to Luo Baihui, head of the International Association of mold and hardware and plastic industry suppliers, the market demand for injection molding machines with high technology content will gradually strengthen. First, the Research Association of all electric, general new materials and new utilization adopts the full hydraulic precision injection molding machine of the material research department. Its main market is electronic communication, household appliances, automobiles, etc., with high requirements for processing conditions and improved requirements for the precision of the injection molding machine; Second, the hollow injection molding machine, combined with the application of a variety of rubber and plastic materials and the hollow injection molding technology, can effectively improve the stress failure of plastic parts in the vibration state without the digital display with chart reading; Third, new injection molding machines with air assisted and water assisted devices have a large recent market, especially for products with high appearance requirements and long service life, such as household appliances, automobiles, buildings, etc

III. blow molding machine

blow molding is a common method for manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products, and the main products are barrel membranes and hollow containers. The blow molding machine can plasticize the preformed products by heating, and then enter the mold for blow molding. This method is mainly used for the production of high-speed and high-yield PET bottles and BOPP bottles, that is, the two-step process; Blow molding can also be combined with injection molding process to become an integrated injection, drawing and blowing machine, which is also a common method to produce containers in pet; Blow molding process can also be combined with extrusion process. Extrusion blow molding equipment has a wider range of applications, and can produce more abundant products. Products include multilayer composite films and various polyolefin hollow containers, which are widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industries

blow molding equipment has low price, low energy consumption and strong adaptability. It makes up for the shortcomings of injection molding processing methods. The molded industrial parts have high integrity, good comprehensive performance, high added value and low cost. Luo Baihui, head of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, believes that although blow molding machinery accounts for the lowest proportion of the three plastic machines at present, it will maintain a strong momentum of development in the future and is the fastest growing and most promising model

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