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Abstract: Generally speaking, one - and two-star hotels are relatively small-scale buildings. In terms of electrical design, they are similar to other public buildings without special places. Except bungalow buildings and resort villages, three-star and above hotels are mostly high-rise buildings, which have their particularity in addition to the common characteristics of high-rise civil buildings. For the electrical profession, there are roughly the following requirements.

key words: basic requirements for the layout of switches and sockets of hotel building lighting system. Generally speaking, one and two-star hotels are relatively small-scale buildings. In terms of electrical design, they are similar to other public buildings without special places. Hotels of three stars and above, except bungalow buildings and resorts, are mostly high-rise buildings, In addition to the common characteristics of high-rise civil buildings, it also has the particularity that it can greatly shorten the vulcanization time. For the electrical profession, there are some requirements as follows. I. Basic Requirements: 1. Power supply and load estimation: 1. The power incoming line of the hotel should have two high voltages from different high voltage distribution stations. 2. In order to ensure the power supply of important loads, the hotel must set up a diesel generator set as the emergency standby power supply, and when the mains power is lost, the generator must be started immediately and can be put into normal loaded operation within 15s. The unit should be interlocked with the power system and cannot operate in parallel with it. When the mains power is restored, the unit should automatically exit work and delay shutdown. The capacity of the diesel generator set shall meet the power requirements of the following important loads: fire load and security load, domestic water pump, all or part of passenger elevators, kitchen power, restaurant 1/3 lighting, boiler room, guest room lighting (at least one lamp), switch, cable TV room, computer room, cold storage (main warehouse), etc. 3. See Table 2 for the load estimation of the hotel: lighting system: 1. The lighting brightness of the following places must be dimmable and changeable (the specific scheme can be formulated by the lighting designer): all restaurants, bars, meeting boards do selective movement - end face, vertical universal friction and wear testing machine room, banquet hall, lobby, multi-function hall, private room. 2. The lamp switches in the gas room, daily oil tank room and dangerous goods warehouse should be explosion-proof products. 3. The lighting control switches in the public hall, lobby, lounge, building elevator hall, public walkway, guestroom floor walkway, outdoor courtyard, fire stairs and antechambers, evacuation passages, underground walkways and other non enclosed places of the hotel can be set at the service desk (main service desk or corresponding floor service desk) for centralized control or Ba control. 3、 Broadcasting sound system: 1. Background music broadcasting must be set in walkways, elevators, lobbies, restaurants, cafes, public toilets, bars, private rooms, staff restaurants, dressing rooms, service rooms, backstage areas and other public places, and the volume should be controlled in different areas. 2. Independent sound reinforcement system should be set in multi-function hall and other places. 3. The guest room shall be equipped with radio receiving equipment that can listen to no less than 4 programs: 2 sets of music and 2 sets of local radio programs (FM). Radio programs can be set on TV channels and transmitted through the internal TV of the hotel compared with traditional materials, or adopt special radio transmission lines. 4. The wired broadcasting system should also be used as fire emergency broadcasting. At this time, the system should be determined according to the requirements of fire emergency broadcasting. Fire emergency broadcast must be able to automatically switch to each area and broadcast. 4、 System: 1. The SPC exchange has a large amount of inbound and outbound traffic, so it does not need to dial directly, and the attendant console has a strong function. In order to meet the needs of hotel room management and passengers, room control, message center, room status, do not disturb, Automatic wake-up call, integrated voice and data system functions should be provided, and friendly connection with the platform of the hotel management system. 2. The capacity of SPC exchange shall be twice the number of guest rooms. 3. Each guest room should have at least two routes with different numbers. One way is for parallel rooms and bathrooms, and the other way is for guests to upload or fax. Each way adopts 4-core wires, of which 2 cores are used as standby. 5、 Cable TV system: 1. Hotel TV programs must include local stations, CCTV and overseas satellite TV programs, including, movies, entertainment, finance, sports and other programs. 2. All multi-function halls, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, staff restaurants, gyms, private rooms, entertainment places, etc. should have 1 to 3 cable TV terminals. 3. Each guest room shall be equipped with at least one cable TV terminal. 4. Since the receiving antenna of the satellite TV system is installed at the top of the hotel building, which increases the risk of direct lightning strike, lightning protection measures should be taken. 6、 Automatic fire alarm system: in addition to the design according to (code for design of automatic fire alarm system) (GB50116-98), the following requirements should be met: 1. Fire emergency broadcast must be able to switch to each guest room in case of fire, and the loudspeaker can be installed on the ceiling at the entrance. 2. The boiler room, high and low voltage distribution room, transformer room and generator room shall be equipped with automatic gas fire extinguishing devices. 3. The exchange room and computer room shall be equipped with other hanging automatic gas fire extinguishers or automatic gas fire extinguishing devices. 4. The fire doors leading from the fire stairs in all floors to the outside of the hotel must have local alarm and control room alarm functions. 5. The smoke detector in the guest room should have an address code. 7、 Computer network system: 1. The hotel computer management system should include the following business scope: front desk business management; Restaurant business guidance and management; Warehouse management; Passenger information management; Service management; Equipment operation monitoring and management. 2. The power supply reliability of the computer room is required to be high, and a static AC uninterruptible power supply device should be set. 3. The computer room should be able to avoid the possibility of non computer management personnel entering during use; Secondly, it should not be adjacent to or connected with guest rooms, restaurants, kitchens, elevators and water tanks. 4. Each guest room should be equipped with at least one data port (broadband high-speed RJ45). 5. Adopt generic cabling to plan the cabling of computer systems, systems, building automation systems, etc. 8、 Security system:. Closed circuit television monitoring equipment is set in the valuables storage area Closed circuit electricity

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