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Research and Analysis on the development pattern of China's printing industry in the era of low profit

in the post financial crisis era and the subsequent European debt crisis, the global economic pattern has undergone fundamental changes, prompting China's economy to change its new growth mode. For the printing industry, transformation and upgrading is conducive to coping with the changes in the domestic and international economic situation and making the industrial development sustainable. At present, in the process of transformation, some printing enterprises encounter many difficulties, and many enterprises are struggling to find a way. They are either transforming, upgrading, or looking for other added value. Where is the way for printing enterprises in the era of meager profits? A person in charge of Guangzhou packaging printing enterprise said well that the winner is the printing enterprise that can survive in the end, and the rest is the king

at the beginning, when the printing industry was in the initial stage of rapid growth, some printing people who were extremely rich compared printing to printing money. However, over the years, the printing industry has entered a low profit era. Some printers compare printing to printing toilet paper. Money and toilet paper are very different. This shows how happy the printing boom was. However, the price paid for this is that today's printing industry is in a competitive situation. The power battery giants represented by Panasonic, 3-star SDI, LG Chemical, etc. have entered the era of low profits in the construction of power battery plants in China. Among them, how many small and medium-sized printing enterprises have been shut down and transferred, how many printing enterprises have registered with the Administration for Industry and commerce, and how many printing enterprises have been surviving and living well in the economic fluctuations

some people say that after the reshuffle, there will be two types of enterprises in the printing industry in the future: the printing quality is very good and the operation efficiency is very high. Others say that what is left is good. Others say that the remaining is the king, and what is more testing is the printing complex of printing enterprises. If you persist, you may be able to regain a new life

in the situation of external demand, domestic demand and rising costs, current printing entrepreneurs have three major troubles: first, there is no living source, second, there is no living source, third, there is a living source can't do it, and third, there is a living source can't do it, but the money can't be collected. Living source is the material for enterprises to survive and thrive: healthy and orderly competition is fundamental to the long-term benefits of the industry. Many printing entrepreneurs sigh: it is difficult to do industry now. Therefore, successful marketing strategy has become the key to the survival of enterprises. Bain consulting company once released a research result: the cost of winning a new customer is six to seven times the cost of retaining an existing customer. In addition, increasing the customer retention rate by 5% can increase the company's profit by 25% to 95%. Integrity is the key to customer service. Perhaps, in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading, many new marketing models can be derived

under the circumstance of meager profits in today's printing industry, a printing enterprise in Beijing achieved a revenue of 120million yuan last year, which made many traditional printing enterprises breathtaking. The boss of this enterprise told everyone that this was printed one paper by one, and there was no other way. This reminds me of the oldest affordable chain store in the United States, 99 cents, with a revenue of $1.3 billion in 2010. The boss of the company said: everyone is familiar with the tensile test of bolts. It's interesting to think that this figure is earned by one yuan. These two small things verify a philosophical truth: as long as the adjustment position desired by the customer is honestly provided, and the upper center line of the test piece coincides with the center line of the experimental machine, even if there is only a small income each time, a trickle can become a river. Perhaps, this is how the hundred year old printing shop was refined. The tide washes out the sand, the fittest survives, and the rest is king, especially at present

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