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Research and Analysis on the prospect of e-commerce

e-commerce has been very hot in the past two years, and you should be able to feel it. E-commerce market generally includes B2B, C2C and B2C

first of all, B2B. In this financial crisis, export-oriented B2B stations are the most affected Internet enterprises. Alibaba's share price fell by 70% in half a year, while Huicong fell by 45%

reason 1: the deterioration of the international economic situation and the contraction of the international consumer market have led to a substantial reduction in the orders of export enterprises

reason 2: the continuous appreciation of RMB has led to a sharp increase in international business costs

reason 3: the sharp increase in the cost of domestic export enterprises has led to the demise of a large number of export-oriented enterprises

reason 4: the tight fiscal policy in the past period led to the export enterprises unable to get loans, resulting in the shrinkage of the B2B market

however, the overall B2B market will also show an upward trend. In 2008, the transaction volume of China's e-commerce B2B market reached 2148 billion yuan, an increase of 40.2% year-on-year compared with 2007. The transaction volume of B2B market accounts for 89.5% of China's overall e-commerce market. It is expected that the transaction volume of B2B market will reach 3076.4 billion yuan in 2009, and the compound market growth rate will remain at 41.6% in the next three years. With the support of the government, the Ministry of Commerce predicts that 70% of China's trade volume will be completed through electronic transactions in the next 10 years. Therefore, the B2B market still has great development potential. Secondly, C2C station has shown a polarized development trend in the financial crisis. Taobao is the dominant company, accounting for half of the country

according to foreign media reports, CCID Consulting has good versatility in this strategy. G Co. Ltd., c) recently released a report that China's C2C market size reached 74.4 billion yuan in 2008, and it is expected that China's C2C market size will reach 107.8 billion yuan in 2009, an increase of 44.9% year-on-year. By 2010, China's C2C market will reach 153.8 billion yuan, an increase of 42.7% year-on-year. By 2011, it will reach 231billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 50.2%

figure the transaction volume and growth of China's e-commerce C2C market in the year

in China's C2C market pattern, Taobao is still the market leader, while paipai is firmly in the second place with huge user resources. In 2008, Taobao occupied 84.1% of the market share, paipai 8.3% and eBay 6.2%. Baidu also launched Baidu yes, but from the perspective of profitability, the C2C profit model is not clear. There are only a few giants to choose from. Although C2C has bred the development of e-commerce in China. But it is expected that in the next few years, C2C may move towards professional B2C

b2c station is the highlight of Internet in recent two years. B2C is the most direct and easiest way for traditional enterprises to enter e-commerce. The popularity of PPG, red kids and not only detonated the whole B2C field, but also made many traditional merchants with a resolution of 300000 yards follow up. Under the influence of the financial crisis, many companies have adopted the method of "increasing revenue and reducing expenditure" to expand revenue and reduce costs. The stable growth of segmented user market, the trend of user consumption structure to online caused by the financial crisis, the continuous dilution of market costs, abundant cash flow, the continuous improvement of gross profit and other factors are all the factors that this kind of station chooses aggressive expansion in the financial crisis

according to the data, the transaction volume of China's e-commerce B2C market reached 177.6 billion yuan in 2008, with a year-on-year increase of 51.4%, and the B2C market accounted for 7.4% of China's overall e-commerce market. In recent years, China's B2C market has developed rapidly, with a large number of self built and third-party platforms emerging, and investors' attention has increased significantly. It is expected that the compound growth rate of China's B2C market will reach 41% in the next three years, and the scale of China's e-commerce B2C market is expected to reach 498.2 billion yuan in 2011. There will also be more and more e-commerce companies extended from traditional enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses growing up in the Internet

figure the transaction volume and growth of China's e-commerce B2C market in 2008

summarizing the characteristics of China's e-commerce B2C market in 2008, we find that: first, the B2C market has regained the favor of venture capital institutions. After investigation, most of the investment structure on the fifth topic believes that under the existing economic environment, the investment prospect of e-commerce is still optimistic, and B2C is the focus of investment in the future

secondly, B2C manufacturers are increasingly focusing on enhancing the cohesion and professionalism of the station to improve the accuracy of their product positioning. It focuses on price, service, profitability, market potential and other factors. In addition, various B2C manufacturers have also strengthened their attention to brand credit, marketing promotion, station construction, logistics distribution and after-sales service; Thirdly, with the diversification of Internet and mobile Internet e-commerce and the fine differentiation and development of vertical industries, B2C in it retail, tourism, mother and baby, jewelry, clothing and other industries is developing rapidly, and B2C platforms in other industries are also emerging. In the future, China's B2C market will maintain its current development speed and further expand its market share in 2009; B2C services are more customer-oriented; Inter bank/inter industry cooperative operation will become the main development trend

according to the statistics of world factories, the growth trend of online shopping market is the most obvious. At present, online shopping is a global company engaged in rubber and plastic testing, and has achieved automatic testing of tensile, flexural modulus and compression. The number of users has reached 96.2 million, with an annual growth rate of 60%. With the launch and improvement of online shopping related Internet businesses such as payment, integrity services, third-party payment, logistics recommendation, shopping search, etc., Chinese people will gradually take shopping as their main shopping channel under the attraction of online shopping convenience. In the next few years, the Chinese shopping market will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend, and e-commerce will also go deep into all aspects of people's lives


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