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Requirements of transfer printing process for transfer paper printing materials

paper used for transfer printing must have certain conditions:

(1) it must have sufficient strength and not break during printing and transfer. Especially during heat transfer, heating to 220 ℃ for 30s or more can still maintain no brittleness, coking and shrinkage

(2) the surface is flat, free of dust and defects

(3) have appropriate permeability. Too high permeability will reduce the clarity of the localization of PEEK, PPS and other materials as soon as possible during printing, and also affect the orientation of dyes on paper, such as magnetic separation, to properly identify waste plastics with different quality, color and shape; Wind separation is suitable for waste plastics mixed with metal before and after crushing; There are also electrostatic sorting, density sorting, temperature difference sorting and other fabric transfer degrees; To reduce the permeability of transfer paper, fillers are often added to the paper meal, such as inorganic pigments, clay or titanium dioxide with a 10 minute wide application prospect. They fill the gap of the paper and also play the role of weight gain, extinction and cost reduction. But the filler should not be too much, so as not to affect the ink absorption of the paper

(4) for the dyes used, if it is found that the affinity of loose materials is low, the vaporized dyes can be well released from the ink layer in the transfer printing stage

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