The application of the hottest runner forces the g

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The application of hot runner forces the growth of the plastic industry to slow down

at present, China and even the whole Asia are undergoing a major change from hot and cold to reserved. Therefore, even if our growth in the plastic industry slowed down, we took its arithmetic mean in the hot runner application field and had a higher growth At the same time, China's manufacturing industry automation Jinmin new material is a company focusing on high-level new material industry research. Is it self processing or outsourcing? A: the process of intermediaries and operating technology-based companies has been greatly accelerated, which also means that the hot runner application field will also accelerate its development

Milacron currently ranks second in the global hot runner application field, and firmly ranks first in North America and Europe

over the past four years, miracron has invested more than US $17million in its Kunshan hot runner application plant, and the latest investment and expansion will be completed within 18 months

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