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The application of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting labels in the industry


China's output and consumer renewal rate rank among the top in the world, and major manufacturers all over the world have factories in China. At present, although the domestic and foreign markets are very large, the situation is becoming increasingly complex: there are many counterfeit brands in China. This new environment poses new challenges to the brand reputation, market image and customer service quality of products. Facing this market environment, Anxin anti-counterfeiting company has developed and applied a series of products and services to protect the brand of the industry

in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, all kinds of smuggling, counterfeiting, assembly and other "black" are rampant. The "black" sold in these regional markets have no entry certificate and 3C certification, or adopt fake entry certificate and 3C certificate; More than 30 brands have never been heard of; A brand has three "clones"; The price difference between the two models with similar functions is up to four or five hundred yuan. Usually, when one is renovated, it can earn more than half of the machine price, and some can even reach more than 2000 yuan; The profit of a revised parallel product is between 400 yuan and 1000 yuan, which is far greater than the sales of licensed goods. Even some regions have formed special trading places, which has endangered normal sales

at present, there are three kinds of "black" in the market: smuggled parallel goods, counterfeit goods of different brands, and refurbishment and assembly. Smuggled parallel goods are transported from abroad to China through illegal channels to evade tariffs; Fake brands are fake well-known brands produced by some illegal manufacturers, or fake brands similar to well-known brands to confuse consumers; Refurbishment assembly is the assembly of parts smuggled in from abroad with the rapid development of the current commercial lighting and outdoor high-power lighting market, or the internal cleaning of the purchased old machine, and then replace it with a new shell, and then paste a fake sign to sell it as a new machine

"black" has seriously damaged national interests and the benign development of the industry. The huge profits of the "black" industry are completely based on the losses of the state and the government

"black" flooding has reduced the market share of regular manufacturers, especially domestic regular brand manufacturers to varying degrees. In the final analysis, the rampant "black" is still caused by the word "profit". Combined with the import of components, payment of value-added tax, employee insurance, commodity inspection fees, after-sales service fees, etc., the "black" brand saves at least 25% - 30% of the cost than the genuine brand, and even the "black" brand with the lowest price can make huge profits. The profit of a business selling a "black" is fourorfive times higher than that of a regular brand, and consumers are often the most vulnerable to low prices. If it is allowed to spread, the living space of regular brands will be seriously threatened. As the manager of the market, the government should strengthen the crackdown on "black". Manufacturers should constantly carry out technological innovation to enhance their core competitiveness. While good humanized design makes the experimental operation easier, increases R & D investment, and accelerates the speed of R & D and innovation, they should also do a good job in brand anti-counterfeiting and protection, win with quality and brand value, and make consumers feel value for money

brand anti-counterfeiting and protection is a long-term and continuous process. Anxin anti-counterfeiting company has made a lot of research and development and investment in this field, and has also obtained a lot of successful experience, providing brand enterprises with a wide range of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection technologies and products

product packaging anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing solutions

adding brand anti-counterfeiting is a wise choice for some service outsourcing of brand enterprises. It conforms to the international trend of service outsourcing and can obtain reliable and safe anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing solutions. The basic principle of anti-counterfeiting is to spray the encrypted, irregular and unique product code provided by the total quantity center of chemical production enterprises outside the city's Chemical Industry Park (including monitoring points) on the goods. As long as you input the product code, you can receive the authenticity information and maintenance point information of the packaging bag. At the same time, the system can also regularly count various query information to help enterprises track the source of fake goods and carry out effective logistics management. There are two options in the implementation:

the first option is to produce coded packaging bags, then divide the distribution areas, and then ship them.


1 The serial number is marked on the outer label of each bundle of packaging bags. When using, the user must take the bundle as the unit, that is, 50 bags of a bundle of packaging bags must be sent to the same distribution area (maintenance point). Other minimum packaging quantities can also be defined to facilitate use and management

2. After sending the package, the user selects the serial number or serial number segment and the corresponding distribution area in the software

3. When the manager queries the code on the packaging bag, the system automatically checks the authenticity of the code and the name of the maintenance site, and registers all query records, which greatly facilitates the manufacturer's inspection, supervision and control of the maintenance site

4. The advantage of this scheme is that the enterprise has no equipment input, and the distribution flow of packaging products (and codes) is set at the time of shipment. The product sales link is basically not involved in the product production link, which has little impact on the existing product production process of the enterprise

the second scheme: first divide the distribution area, then produce coded packaging bags, and finally ship goods according to the area


1 Each bundle of bags is marked with the distribution area code. When used, the bundle of bags can be used in whole or in part, but must be sent to the same distribution area

2. All codes have been transferred into the database before sending out the packaging bag

3. The enterprise can automatically check the authenticity of the code and whether it is fleeing goods through the system software, and register all complex query records, so as to facilitate the manufacturer's inspection, supervision and control of distributors/agents

4. The advantage of this scheme is that the enterprise has no equipment investment, so it does not need to record the distribution flow of products (i.e. codes) every time it ships, as long as the packaging bags are sent according to the distribution area when it ships

personal transparent plastic packaging anti-counterfeiting solution

flat mouth plastic bag

plastic bag uses gravure printing, personalized text, single-sided positioning printing; Sealing and heat sealing; Mainly prevent the reuse of bags; The bag mouth is designed as a flat mouth

anti stripping and indentation treatment anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive label

anti stripping and indentation treatment shall be carried out on the anti-counterfeiting label. The anti-counterfeiting label with anti stripping and indentation treatment is pasted on the bag, making it difficult to lift it completely, so as to achieve the purpose of personalized anti-counterfeiting. At the same time, the label surface is designed and printed to prevent counterfeiting and replacement

inner label size: 3cm × 3cm, round; The label adopts anti duplication shading safety design and personalized logo pattern

the bag is sprayed with anti-counterfeiting random code to prevent counterfeiting and channeling

label design instructions

label shading background uses personalized company logo and company name for security shading anti-counterfeiting design, solid line relief and engraving anti-counterfeiting design flower ball

use the text on the upper part of the label“ ×× Brand logo ", the color is dark green, and the font should see the design sample

the text at the bottom of the label is“ ×× Brand specific "invalid" is arranged in two lines, and the font style is shown in the sample label

the Chinese company name is used in the lower part of the label“ ×× Mobile communication products Co., Ltd "

the label is square in size and 3cm × 3cm=9cm2;

future development: colorless fluorescent identification marks are recommended to use anti-counterfeiting flower balls, embedded“ ××” Invisible text, raster recognition

the label surface shall be treated with anti stripping indentation. The indentation shall be easy to use, and can not be reused after being lifted, and it is obviously different from the original state

plastic bag design instructions

two lines of dark green text are printed on one side of the plastic bag“ ×× Check the package bag ", please do not accept if the package bag is damaged or does not meet the size

the plastic bag mouth is flat; Top hot fusion; Self sealing after installation; The material is transparent polyethylene

personalized spray coding of plastic bags

1 Spray it on the external label and bag, which can prevent the label from being lifted and replaced to a certain extent

2. Spray code on the bag; The code spraying position shall be carried out as required

3. Coding rules: anti-counterfeiting random coding, you can query the authenticity and the name of the maintenance point through the database

waterproof label (warning label in case of water)

in view of the current situation that maintenance providers, consumers and even dealers shirk each other due to the "liquid inflow" problem in the implementation of the Three Guarantees, the state will enforce the waterproof mark in the production process in the future to better clarify

waterproof label, also known as water stain warning sign, water annihilation warning sign, water seepage warning sign, and water test label. This kind of logo will not change color when it is not soaked in open water, and the edge is also very clear. Once encountering water, the color of the label will change irreversibly. With this logo, it will add a relatively scientific basis for judging whether the key components such as, battery, LCD display screen and so on are liquid. At the same time, this waterproof mark can also be applied to the waterproof identification of electronic products in ocean transportation, as the basis for claiming WPA in transportation insurance

if this sign is forced to be pasted, it will become an indispensable part, which can play a great role in judging some faults in the future

there are two types of waterproof signs: the first is that the colored signs on the label will bleed and diffuse when encountering water, and the second is that the white labels will show color when encountering water. Consumers accidentally drop the shell into the water. If the shell is dried, no obvious trace can be seen, and the fault is difficult to determine. With this waterproof label, even if it is dried, the color change of the waterproof label can still be seen, which can be used as a basis for judging the liquid inflow

according to the requirements of customers, waterproof signs can be made into anti-counterfeiting customer specific signs

special anti uncovering label for fuselage

market demand

1 Prevent replacing the old with the new and replacing the inferior with the good

2. Prevent the old movement from being replaced by the new one, and the non brand movement from being replaced by the brand name for sale

3. Put an end to the fake and shoddy behavior in the sales link, and facilitate the identification of consumers

technical solution

when the sealed products are tried to be lifted or lifted on iron, plastic and paper materials to try to recover, warning patterns such as "opened" should be displayed; When lifting or trying to lift it up for reuse, invalid feature patterns appear on the surface layer and the base layer at the same time

1. Technology type: PET polyester anti uncovered word label

2. Specification: oval shape, two layers in total, with black GT printed on the surface; Non positioning "GT" font appears after lifting; The quantity is not ordered, and the polyester is blue

3. Purpose: on internal screws

4. Effect: lift up the reserved words, and the surface can't be used after being removed, with strong stickiness


1 Type: the surface material is polyester (PET) material, with anti uncovering and word retention labels; It is manufactured with security and anti exposure technology

2. Design style: see the right figure

3. Label content: divided into two layers, the surface layer has monochrome GT words, and the lower layer is highly adhesive

4. Anti uncovering Technology: the surface is made of PET material, and the word "GT" is left when uncovering. The text is designed continuously in four directions, but it can ensure that a complete non positioning word "GT" is left after uncovering

logistics anti-theft label

customer demand

1 Make an anti opening label, lift it up and leave the words "opened"

2. Sticking it on the packing box is mainly to prevent others from opening the box, stealing, changing goods and other illegal attempts, and there is no need to paste it again

technical solution:

when the sealed products are tried to be lifted or lifted on iron, plastic and paper materials to try to recover, warning patterns such as "opened" should be displayed; When lifting

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