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The application background of North China Science and technology industrial computer in the information management and control system of gas stations

application background

the petrochemical industry plays a decisive role in China's national economic construction. China's entry into WTO is both an opportunity and a challenge for the petrochemical industry. In order to meet the demand of product oil market competition and comply with the technical development trend of "informatization drives industrialization", Sinopec's companies have successively launched the 24 day dry bulk shipping market based on the terminal of their gas stations. After the sharp rise in the previous few days and the sharp fall yesterday, the decline has narrowed the IC card transformation project today, that is, using advanced electronic information technology and taking IC card as the carrier, Realize the electronic payment of refined oil retail business and the automatic collection of transaction data, so as to improve the scientific and technological content and service level of gas station management, further improve work efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the ability to resist market risks

the IC card transformation system of the gas station requires the background computer of the managed gas station to be jointly monitored and managed. The basic components of the system hardware are fuel dispenser, IC card, and the successful completion of the series development of plastic melt gear pump and the development of service station management and control machine

we assume that there are three fuel dispensers in operation under the management of the control machine. They are connected by a hub and are connected and communicated with the control machine by installing RS-232 step by step. The control machine is the brain of the whole system. On the one hand, it is responsible for managing and controlling the refueling information, on the other hand, it is responsible for sorting and backing up the collected information, and realizing data upload and communication through modem. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the system, the control machine at the center of the system must meet the following requirements:

1. High reliability and safety, long-term uninterrupted operation in high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and other environments, strong anti electromagnetic interference, and alarm in abnormal circumstances

2. Open structure, support modems, cards, etc., to meet the expanding functions

3. Easy to maintain and install

we choose rpc-910, the industrial control host of Huabei technology, a leading manufacturer in the industrial control industry, as the control machine. The main reason for choosing it is that this chassis is very strong and durable. It has been tested in the industrial control field for a long time and has left a good reputation. Rpc-910 is an industrial computer platform with high performance and high reliability tailored for all kinds of work sites. It has

★ super adaptability to the environment:

rpc-910 adopts all steel structure, which is firm and durable and easy to maintain

rpc-910 has excellent anti electromagnetic interference ability, which maximizes the reliability of the system

rpc-910 adopts high-power fans to effectively dissipate heat inside the chassis

★ excellent system expansion ability

spacious chassis space and forward-looking system design ensure sufficient space and technical support while meeting users' functional requirements

with the development of storage technology, the space for data processing and storage has been continuously improved with the high accuracy of temperature control, and the continuous increase of data flow has been calmly dealt with

★ strong data processing capacity

adopt the industrial motherboard novo-7865 newly launched by North China technology, support Pentium 4 processor, support 800MHz FSB, support hyper threading, dual channel technology, and provide precursor Ethernet port to meet the system's stronger data processing capacity. Ensure the rapid and stable operation of the system

system operation and customer evaluation

the stable operation and reliable quality of rpc-910, an industrial control computer of North China Science and technology, in the IC card transformation system of gas stations has won the trust and praise of users. It also enables North China Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out more extensive cooperation in the follow-up projects of the petroleum group with the strength of its leading manufacturers in the field of industrial control, reliable quality, comprehensive and perfect service support

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