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Polyester film application continues to expand, showing a high-speed development trend

based on the introduction of several other enterprises, the current development status of optical grade polyester film in China mainly presents the following characteristics:

first, the application scope of optical grade polyester film is constantly expanding. Zhou Binbin, a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production of anti-static table mats, anti-static floor mats, anti-static PVC,

PU leather series products, said that the company has been engaged in the coating line business since 2005, and has only begun to get involved in the field of protective film since 2008. From the initial application to the current TP backlight module, protective film in touch screen, film for shading glass touch screen, etc., the scope of application continues to expand. At present, the company is developing acid and alkali resistant film products that can be used for circuit boards of high-end electronic products. I believe that such special application films are expected to emerge in the future. Zhou Binbin said

second, optical films have very high requirements for resin raw materials and film processing equipment, and the cleanliness of processing workshops is also very high. Due to the high technical threshold, most of the films produced in China are of single-layer structure or simple performance, which are only suitable for general purposes. According to Zhong Hanting, assistant general manager of Zefu paper products Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production and sale of various special electronic tapes, at present, there are mainly three domestic enterprises doing well in this field: kangdexin, Huawei and Suzhou sidic

at this exhibition, Suzhou sidic Material Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of multi-functional coating composites, exhibited composite optical films for backlight modules with diffusion and brightening effects. Chen Mengze, the company's optical sales manager, said that in recent years, The development of electronic circuits used in electronic information products to be integrated and peaceful is enough to bring enlightenment to the industry. It has become an overall trend, which puts forward requirements for the chip type, miniaturization, high precision, consistency, reliability and adaptability to surface assembly of electronic components, and also brings new opportunities for the industrial development of optical grade polyester film. Optical grade polyester film will become thinner and more functional. In addition, the problem of heat dissipation should not be ignored

for electronic components, Chen Mengze added: in the future, cost control will be more and more concerned by enterprises, and this composite optical film will help enterprises reduce costs

third, although the global polyester film industry has grown rapidly in recent years, the number of enterprises is increasing, and the production capacity of Jinan experimental machine practice we see in the world should be called the rapid expansion of material experimental machine model, but the product quality is uneven, fish dragon mixed beads, and the industry standard is missing

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