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Ruida Futures: import costs support pulp bottoming rebound

release date: Source: Ruida futures

disk situation: sp2107 contract price closed at 6276, up +1.92% from the previous trading day; Trading volume 334601 hands, position: 110860; Basis 124

market quotation: Silver Star 6400/ton, southern pine 6300/ton, horse brand 6450/ton, moon 6450/ton

news: according to the data released by the General Administration of customs, China's pulp import volume in April 2021 was 2.613 million tons, down 2.72% month on month and 3.94% year on year. The import amount was 1630.8 million US dollars, up 4.05% month on month and 24.63% year-on-year. The average unit price was 624. Be familiar with the working principle, operating procedures, ordinary maintenance, etc. of the equipment 11 US/ton

external quotation: the quotation of Arauco company in Chile in June was the same as that of last month: Silver Star 980 US/ton, Venus 850 US/ton, star 800 US/ton

warehouse receipt: the warehouse receipt of pulp warehouse is 116387 tons, and the coating contains a large amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) -2005; Warehouse receipt 4160 tons, +0

main positions: 61599, -2629 multiple positions in the top 20; Empty order position 64429, +362

summary: in terms of port inventory, the main port inventory was 1.807 million tons last Wednesday, with a slight increase month on month. In terms of the finished paper market and the output result field required by the input according to the instrument description, the coated paper market is light, the shipment volume is general, the double offset paper is affected by the affected warehouse, the manufacturer is preferential, the transaction price is slightly callback, and the price of packaging paper and household paper is stable. A new round of coniferous pulp quotation was quoted in a flat market. Supported by import costs, the spot pulp quotation was relatively strong, and the basis was stronger. With the rise of emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region and the continuous development of the market, there was a need to repair the basis. Investors are advised to deal with a small number of multiple orders. Technically, pay attention to 6550 pressure, and it is recommended that the light warehouse is much shorter

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