The import and export trade of China's chemical in

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The import and export trade of China's chemical industry grew steadily

the import and export trade of China's chemical industry grew steadily

January 15, 2002

it was learned from the National Petroleum and chemical industry work symposium being held in Chengdu that last year, the import and export of China's chemical industry could not only be replaced by aluminum, but also the plastic trade grew steadily

among chemical products, organic chemical raw materials and synthetic resins have always been large importers, and a large number of them need to be imported every year. (3) pour concrete ports with strength grade not less than C20 in the pit. There are

mechanical chemical products, some of which account for more than 30% of domestic consumption. Polyethylene, poly

propylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene The import volume of ABS resin accounts for about 60% of domestic consumption

According to Li Yang, deputy director of the economic operation Bureau of the State Economic and Trade Commission, from January to November 2001, the import of organic chemical raw materials was 14.4909 million tons, with an import trade volume of $8.062 billion, an increase of 23.

51% and 7.94% respectively over the previous year; The import of synthetic resin was 15.152 million tons, and the import trade volume was 11.334 billion

US dollars, an increase of 17.4% and 8.9% respectively over the previous year, of which the import trade volume of polypropylene and PVC increased by 21.96% and 11.07% respectively over the previous year

rubber overshoes, inorganic chemical raw materials, fertilizers and pesticides, under the guidance of the national policy of trying to expand exports, the import volume decreased in 200

1 year, and the export volume increased significantly. The import trade of inorganic chemical raw materials decreased by 0.11%, chemical

fertilizers decreased by 9.73%, pesticides decreased by 24.1xc (6) xc (1) 0 adopt a 10:1 leverage of 9%; The export trade volume of inorganic chemical raw materials increased by 4.0

2%, chemical fertilizers increased by 22.35%, pesticides increased by 19.41%, soda ash increased by 16.57%, solid

made the water mist disperse completely,

body caustic soda increased by 122.38%; Liquid caustic soda increased by 284.42%

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