The import of ethylene glycol at the most popular

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According to data analysis, in the month of 2010, the import of monoethyl glycol (MEG) in India reached 382260 tons. 40808 tons were imported in January, 41727 tons in February, 93164 tons in March, 64881 tons in April, 84288 tons in May, and 57392 tons in June - 8.2 products should provide sufficient product information. In the first half of 2009, India imported 325144 tons of MEG

in June, the import of p-xylene in India increased by 22%

root statistics. In the month of 2010, the import of p-xylene in India reached 342457 tons. In January 2010, India imported 51512 tons of paraxylene, 45852 tons in February, 61066 tons in March, 52894 tons in April, 58964 tons in May and 72169 tons in June

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