General knowledge of the hottest rice transplanter

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Routine use knowledge of rice transplanter

1. Change engine oil. For the rice transplanter that has been used for one season or 50 hours, the engine oil should be changed, and the four stroke gasoline engine oil can be purchased at the motorcycle parts store for use

2. Clean the carburetor and buy detergent at the motorcycle accessories store for cleaning. At the same time, disassemble and wash the sedimentation cup. Add fuel, start the engine and test run the implement

3. Check whether the seedling needle and transplanting fork are deformed and folded. For example, 2. Control the product quality. The fruit deformation can be corrected with a flat screwdriver. Pry the planting fork open, the seedling needle is straight and parallel, and the gap between the planting fork and the seedling needle is about 1mm

4. Check and adjust the main part. Therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost, which is second only to raw materials. The gap and sensitivity of the combiner handle stay wire, transplanting handle stay wire, lifting handle stay wire and steering clutch stay wire. If it is not sensitive or the gap is too large, the adjusting nut will be adjusted. At the same time, drop some oil into these cable holes to increase flexibility

5. Move the machine to the shore at the end of each day's work, wash the mud and sundries on the rice transplanter with water first, and then drive it back to the garage

6. As mentioned above, check and correct the shape and gap of seedling needles and planting forks and apply butter. At the same time, this is also the response of the external community to the query about its participation in the supply capacity of Australia mtmarion lithium project. Apply yellow oil on the track and all moving parts

7. Check the engine oil level, fuel tank oil level and hydraulic oil level, and add it if it is insufficient

8. Add an appropriate amount of 1:1 mixture of butter and engine oil into the rubber plug holes of the planting part support and the planting arm

9. When the transplanter is put into storage, all moving parts, screws and metal parts shall be coated with butter to prevent rust; Each operating handle is in the off and down positions. Put a few drops of oil on the cable

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