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General operating procedures for forging equipment

machine information integration: I.

the operator must pass the examination and hold the equipment operation certificate of the equipment before operating the equipment

II. Be careful before work:

1. Carefully read the shift handover records to understand the work of the previous shift

2. Check whether the equipment and work site are cleaned and wiped clean; The machine bed, worktable and guide rail of the equipment shall be one of the major domestic carbon fiber precursor manufacturers and other main sliding surfaces shall be free of obstacles, impurities and new pulling, grinding and bumping. In case of any of the above conditions, it must be removed and the equipment must be wiped clean; In case of new pulling, grinding and bumping, please ask the equipment technician or team leader to check together and make records

3. Check that the handle, valve, rod, and main parts and components (sliding block, hammer head, knife rest, etc.) of each operating mechanism should be placed in the non working position specified in the instructions


check that all safety protective devices (protective cover, limit switch, limit iron, electrical grounding, safety device, etc.) should be complete and in good condition. Qi Jun shows his performance, and the installation is correct and reliable; The door covers of distribution box (box), oil tank (pool) and gearbox shall be closed


check the lubricating parts (oil pool, oil tank, oil cup guide rail and other sliding surfaces) for sufficient oil, and add oil according to the lubrication instruction chart

3. Check whether the main parts, components and fasteners are abnormally loose


open the gas (steam) circuit valve, check that the pipeline valve and other devices should be intact without leakage, the gas (steam) and pressure should meet the regulations, and drain the water in the pipe


carry out the idling test run. The start should be inched. Check that all operating devices, safety devices (braking, reversing, interlocking, limit, insurance, etc.) and all indicating devices (indicating instruments, indicating lights, etc.) should work sensitively, accurately and reliably; The actions of all parts should be coordinated; The oil supply should be normal and the lubrication should be good; The machine tool operates without abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise, smell, smoke and other phenomena. Confirm that everything is normal before starting work. For the equipment for continuous work, the shift handover personnel shall jointly inspect and hand over the shift according to the above (Article 8); For the equipment that takes over from another shift, if it is found that the previous shift has a serious violation of the operating procedures, the equipment operator or the team leader - ESC should check it directly under the simultaneous action of stress, tension and environment, and record it on the record, otherwise the equipment problem will be regarded as the violation of the operating procedures of the current shift. After the equipment is adjusted or overhauled, the operator must also check the equipment according to the above (8) requirements and steps, and confirm that everything is correct before starting work

III. be careful in work:


stick to the job, carefully operate the equipment, and don't do anything irrelevant to the work. When leaving the equipment due to accidents, stop the machine and turn off the power and gas (steam) sources


use the equipment according to the technical specifications specified in the instructions, and do not use the equipment beyond the specifications or overload


pay close attention to the lubrication of all parts of the equipment, and refuel in the shift according to the lubrication instruction chart to ensure that all parts of the equipment are well lubricated


pay close attention to the working conditions of all parts of the equipment. In case of abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise, peculiar smell, smoke, uncoordinated action, failure and other phenomena, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and continue to work after elimination


speed regulation, mold replacement, tool replacement or wiping test. When overhauling the equipment, shut down the machine in advance and turn off the power and gas (steam) sources


when working, it is not allowed to dismantle the safety protection device and open the door cover of the distribution box (box), oil pool (box) and gearbox for work


the equipment must be shut down immediately in case of an accident, the site must be protected, and the relevant departments must be reported for analysis and treatment. The equipment can be used only after three no release

IV. after work, carefully do:


all operating devices, as well as sliding blocks, hammerheads, tool holders, etc., should be placed in non working positions according to the instructions; Turn off the power and gas (steam) sources

2. Sort out tools, parts and workplaces


clean the material head, material edge, oxide skin, sundries, etc. on the work site and equipment; Wipe and clean all parts of the equipment, and add oil to each sliding surface for protection

4. Fill in the shift handover record. Click to view all industries (end)

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