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In the first half of 2009, the import of machine tools in Jiangsu Province increased significantly. The import amount of seven major categories of machine tools reached US $234 million, an increase of 64.8% year-on-year. Among them, the import of various metal cutting and processing centers was 32.8 million US dollars, an increase of 115.3% year-on-year; The import of metal grinding and grinding equipment was US $31.02 million, an increase of 94.5% year-on-year; The import of gear cutting machines and gear processing equipment was US $59.11 million, an increase of 71.7% year-on-year

The selective introduction of foreign large-scale high-precision machine tools is one of the shortcuts to speed up the industrial adjustment and improve the technological level and product quality of Jiangsu Province in recent years. Machine tool products are the basic and most important technical equipment of enterprises. Their advantages and disadvantages directly affect the product quality, and their equipment level can also reflect the comprehensive strength of an enterprise, which is of great significance to many traditional industries such as abrasive tool processing, auto parts processing, machinery and instrument manufacturing. In the past, the product prices of foreign medium and high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises have been very strong, and the core technology of some machine tools has not been available at home. In order to transform and upgrade and technological transformation, enterprises had to bite the bullet and buy at a high price. Now, in order to speed up the recovery of funds and survive the crisis, foreign enterprises have to put down their status, and some equipment has even fallen by 30% - 50%

in 2009, the number of imported machine tools not only increased significantly, but also the proportion of large-scale processing machines with high precision, high added value and processing large workpieces was also significantly increased. According to the information obtained from Jiangsu Provincial electromechanical office, the average price of seven major categories of machine tools imported by Jiangsu Province increased from 82200 US dollars in 2008 to 164500 US dollars in 2009, an increase of 100%, which reflects that Jiangsu enterprises are actively transforming and upgrading. For example, Nanjing high speed gear group Co., Ltd. imported more than 70 million US dollars of machine tools and equipment in 2008. In the first half of 2009, it has imported more than 32 million US dollars of various machine tools, an increase of 75% year-on-year. Most of the machine tools imported by this enterprise are large-scale and high-precision machining machines of international famous brands. For example, the price of a single gear processing equipment is more than US $2 million. Only with diamond can you dare to do porcelain work. The enterprise has become a leading enterprise specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of industrial transmission equipment and related products in China, with a number of independent intellectual property rights. It ranks third in the world in the field of wind power gearbox, second only to Flanders of Germany and Hansen of Belgium; In the field of shipping, we have cooperated with ZF company in Germany, and our products have reached the world advanced level

the national 4trillion investment plan has a positive impact on the automobile and parts, rail transit, new energy and other industries. It plans to provide 1billion euros in 10 years, which also effectively promotes the import of machine tools by enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Nanjing Automobile Group, together with SAIC, has made major breakthroughs in key core technology areas, and has actively carried out structural adjustment. Under the condition of continuing to produce and improve the mingjue series cars, it plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan to establish a new development platform and small engine production line. It plans to produce 160000 new cars and 250000 new small engines. For this reason, the enterprise plans to import 511 sets of equipment. The steel structure building has a steel recovery rate of up to 90%, amounting to US $210million. In the first half of 2009 alone, it has imported more than US $20 million of various machine tools, Year on year growth of 89.9%

the hot scene of manufacturers competing to import machine tools and other equipment also allows trading companies to see new business opportunities. Weiya company is an important enterprise under Hyundai Kia group in South Korea. It has established Weiya auto parts company in Zhangjiagang, mainly producing auto parts constant velocity universal joints, CNC machine tool products, etc. Since 2009, the company has set up a machine tool sales department in Zhangjiagang to uniformly import machine tools from South Korea for domestic sales. In the first half of the year, the company imported more than 500 processing centers worth more than US $30 million, which were mainly supplied to domestic auto parts manufacturers. At the same time, Jiangsu sumeida technology trading company and Jiangsu Overseas Group International Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. have also imported more than 40 million US dollars of various machine tools for national sales by taking advantage of their strong capital and wide sales channels

the sharp increase in machine tool imports by domestic enterprises will greatly improve the manufacturing capacity of enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and also reserve the export potential, laying a solid foundation for the rapid growth of machinery industry in Jiangsu Province

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