General guidelines for the packaging of the hottes

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General guidelines for green food packaging

normal align=center> General guidelines for green food packaging

1 Scope

this standard specifies the principles that must be followed in the packaging of green food, including the requirements of green food packaging, the selection of packaging materials, packaging dimensions, packaging inspection, sampling, marking and labeling, storage and transportation, etc

this standard is applicable to green food

2 normative references

the terms in the following documents become the terms of this standard through the reference of this standard. For dated references, all subsequent amendments to the whole machine lifetime maintenance (excluding the contents of Corrigendum) or revised versions of these documents are not applicable to this part. However, all parties to an agreement based on this part are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents can be used. For undated references, the latest edition is applicable to this standard

gb/t 2828 batch by batch inspection counting sampling procedure and sampling table (applicable to continuous batch inspection)

gb/t 4892 rigid square transportation package size series

GB 7718 general standard for food labeling

GB 9681 hygienic standard for PVC molded products for food packaging

gb/t 10344 beverage and wine labeling Standard

gb/t 13201 cylinder transportation package size series

gb/t 13432 special nutritional food label

gb/t 13757 bag transportation package size series

gb/t 15233 unit cargo size

gb/t 15239 isolated Batch count sampling inspection procedure and sampling table

gb/t 1548 developing green buildings will have important economic and social significance 2 product quality supervision small overall count one-time sampling inspection procedure and sampling table

gb/t 16470 packaging pallet packaging

gb/t 16716 general rules for the treatment and utilization of packaging waste

gb/t 18006.2 degradation performance test of disposable degradable tableware Liu Zhongfan emphasized the inspection method

3 terms and definitions

The terms and definitions listed are applicable to this standard



on the premise of ensuring the function of packaging, transportation, storage and sales, the first consideration of packaging is to minimize the total amount of materials used


the company has set a new standard for pultrusion molding reuse

the used packaging materials will be reused after certain treatment



normal> recycle the waste packaging products and convert them into new substances or energy after certain treatment



under specific conditions, the chemical structure and physical and mechanical properties of waste packaging materials can change significantly, resulting in the reduction of molecular weight, the decline of physical and mechanical properties, or the decomposition into carbon dioxide and water

4 requirements

4.1 according to different green

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