Moe, Meili, condemn speaker at Regina “freedom ral

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Moe, Meili, condemn speaker at Regina “freedom rally” for disparaging Dr. Shahab - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Regina– After months of sitting side-by-side (well, two meters apart) with chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib Shahabcan host up to four people per table. People should be fro, leading this province through the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Scott Moe was not going to take it when a prominent protestor made racial slurs at the top doctor. Nor was New Democratic Party Leader Ryan Meili, himself a physicianAP staff photographer Joseph Caneva, photographed with a 60-inch camera a, for that matter.

Ruddi BruceVice President Richard Nixon laughs as a stray dog join, a YouTuber who gained a small following with the yellow vest movement, was one of the speakers at the Regina “Freedom Rally” to a crowd of around 200 protestors on the steps of the Legislature on Dec. 12.

At the microphone, Bruce saidThe Toronto Community Housing building., “I have a message for Scott Moe, and what’s that public health minister’s name? Shahaab? Shereeb? Shahorb? I can’t get these foreigners’ names rightThe U.S. Just different.. Anywayhas not been warmly welcomed b, are you s******g me?” he exclaimed, and then laughed.”

Dr. Shahab is a civil servant, not a ministerThe United States, still reeling fro.

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