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Solvay appeared at chinacoat 2015 Shanghai exhibition to bring advanced special polymers to functional coatings

the high-profile PFPE technology gives coatings special functional characteristics,

reduce the thickness of advanced coatings for aviation, electrical appliances and automobiles as much as possible

Shanghai, China, November 18, 2015 - during chinacoat 2015 (China International Coatings exhibition 2015), Solvay polymers will exhibit a wealth of high-performance perfluoropolyether (PFPE) dispersions to meet the strict requirements for high-function coatings in the aviation, automotive and electronic industries. The star products on display at booth E21 ~ 25 in hall E4 of Solvay include fluorolink PFPE materials. Without significantly increasing the coating thickness, the material can give the coating special properties such as anti icing, easy cleaning and shape preservation, so as to meet the advanced goals of energy efficiency, productivity and sustainable development

"the Asia Pacific region is the largest coating market in the world, accounting for 48% of the global market share. China's growth rate of 6% promotes the demand and further development of the coating industry in this important region," said Milan krumbe, global coating market director of Solvay polymers, "We are committed to helping coating manufacturers promote innovation and help them stand at the forefront of market demand by using our professional capabilities, especially our leading PFPE technology. Corrosion resistance (doing experiments in solution), etc.

developing functional liquid materials for the coating industry is Solvay's goal to improve the durability and sustainability of product applications, At the same time, it is part of the overall strategy to reduce the total cost of ownership of customers. In essence, in addition to providing protection or decorative functions for traditional surfaces, functional coatings have more characteristics. These added values not only have a significant impact on improving the performance and safety of technical commodities, but also help to integrate manufacturing processes, reduce energy consumption and speed up the listing of products in many cases

It is an ideal additive to improve the surface properties of polymer and fluorope. They reduce the surface energy of the coating, have excellent oil and dirt repellent properties and self-lubricating characteristics, and can be used for easy cleaning, self-healing, resistance and antifouling coatings. At chinacoat, Solvay will highlight the advanced solutions brought by fluorolink for important application fields. A high-temperature zigzag stress corrosion testing machine that can adapt to large-size samples and even prototype samples will be successfully delivered to users. Including anti icing coatings for aviation industry with excellent hydrophobic properties; Car paint with beautiful appearance, good durability, easy cleaning, oil repellent and fingerprint proof. In these coatings, a small amount of PFPE as modifier can significantly reduce the surface energy at the same time

"Solvay hydrophobic PFPE technology has excellent and lasting effects, which has brought a major breakthrough to the most transparent varnish. At the same time, we are also actively studying customized functional solutions with extremely high wear resistance to meet the requirements of coating substrate and coating process," milankrumbe added

as a bifunctional perfluoride, fluorolink surface treatment and polymer modifier combine the unique high-performance characteristics of fluorine-containing materials and the flexibility of reactive groups to promote the interaction with substrates and other polymers. This adaptable chemical is very suitable as a functional additive for polyamide, polyester, acrylic acid and epoxy coatings, giving them some or more characteristics in chemical resistance, water, oil, dirt and stain resistance, dirt prevention, easy cleaning, adhesion resistance, graffiti prevention and so on

most of the above advantages can be obtained by adding a small amount of fluorolink material without changing the main properties of the substrate. Increasing the dosage can improve the mechanical properties, such as hardness, reduce the gas permeability or the refractive index of the coating as much as possible. Specific grades, such as fluorolink P56 for aqueous systems, ad1700 and md700 for UV curing coatings, and e10-h for polyamide, polyester or epoxy coatings. Fluorolink S10 has ethoxysilane end groups, which can be combined with ceramic, glass or other silicon surfaces to significantly improve the water and oil repellency. As an aqueous low VOC or zero VOC dispersion system, all fluorolinkpfpe products do not contain PFOA, PFOS or C8 telomeres

during the three-day China International Coatings Exhibition (chinacoat 2015) held by Shanghai New International Expo Center (November 18-20), Solvay coating experts will come to booth E21 ~ 25 in hall E4 to share with you the market trend and the innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that the company's rich special polymer technology can bring you

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