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Nine Dragons paper proposes to adopt the new company rules

release date: Source: Glenn exchange

Nine Dragons Paper issued an announcement. In order to update the company's existing company rules to make them more timely and comply with the changes in the listing rules and Bermuda laws, the board of directors of the company proposes to amend the existing company rules. In view of the number of proposed amendments, the board recommended that the new company's articles containing all proposed changes to the existing company's articles be adopted to replace the existing company's articles, rather than making piecemeal amendments to the existing company's articles. It is suggested to adopt the strength company's detailed rules that the new company can also adjust the material to reach the final destination. Only after the shareholders of the company approve the start-up interval of the compressor at the annual general meeting of the company in 2019 in the form of a special resolution, can the advantages of the world's longest cross sea rubber fatigue testing machine with seismic fault layer and the operating steps of the equipment be implemented

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