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Baum gim500r series inclinometers can easily be competent for angle measurement in harsh environments

when used in harsh outdoor environments, many inclinometers are often powerless. The inclinometer developed by bormeng sensor experts still has high reliability and durability even in harsh environments. With its extremely robust design, the new gim500r series inclinometer can maximize the startup rate of the system and is suitable for various outdoor applications in the field of mechanical automation at present

with the continuous progress of modification technology, POSCO is used to intelligently measure the edge position of black rubber plate.

the gim500r inclinometer for vertically clamping samples has an ultra-high accuracy of 0.1, which can ensure absolute reliability and achieve accurate positioning, so that similar products can see the dust to the maximum extent acceptable to the host. The product design is meticulous, meets the E1 standard, and has the best anti electromagnetic interference ability. At the same time, with IP 69K protection grade and c5-m corrosion resistance, gim500r inclinometer is especially suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments. The impact resistance and vibration resistance of the inclinometer are up to 200g and 20g respectively, and the working temperature range is wide: -40+ 85 C, so it has excellent durability and is not affected by temperature fluctuations and any dirt

the integrated firmware conforms to en13849 standard and meets the highest reliability requirements, so that standard components can be used in the functional safety system, and the whole system reaches PLD level. In addition, this series of products has another major feature: redundant system design can be selected according to needs

gim500r series inclinometer adopts compact die-casting aluminum shell, with excellent cost performance and high flexibility in system design, which can be rated as the leader in the industry. They can be installed in a narrow space and are suitable for the automation field of heavy vehicles and construction machinery

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