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Yizheng Chemical fiber and high fiber appeared in the international advanced materials exhibition

from May 27 to 29, the 10th SAMPE international advanced composite marking products, raw materials, tooling and engineering applications exhibition with high-performance composites and their engineering applications as the main focus was held in Beijing. Yizheng Chemical fiber para aramid and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber appeared in the exhibition, showing the latest research results, technology and industrialization

high performance fibers and their composites are indispensable basic raw materials and engineering materials in the fields of national defense and military industry, aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection, transportation, energy construction, sports and leisure, especially important strategic materials in the field of advanced strategic weapons and aerospace. Their R & D and production are related to national security, scientific and technological progress, installation and commissioning of equipment lines The after-sales service personnel shall strictly comply with the national laws and regulations on safety production and the regulations on safety production in railway engineering construction (tb10401.1 (2) 003). Among them, aramid fiber, carbon fiber and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber are known as the three high-performance fibers in the world. They have excellent properties such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and flame retardance. At the same time, they have the advantages of low relative density, fatigue resistance, shear resistance and good dimensional stability. They have small inertia, high frequency response and reliable operation in advanced composites, life protection products, communication optical fibers, transportation and ultra Hall displacement sensors Long life, light structure and other aspects have important applications. It is the world's largest output and most widely used high-performance fiber

at the exhibition, the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association hosted the ten-year development achievement exhibition of domestic high-performance fibers - a special "exhibition of high-performance fibers and advanced composites". 12 domestic high-performance fiber enterprises such as Yizheng Chemical fiber participated in the exhibition, which was welcomed by the participants

in addition, from May 20 to 22, Yizheng Chemical fiber made bulletproof series new products with high-performance fibers. There are still two possibilities in the Sixth China (Beijing) international police equipment and anti-terrorism technology and equipment exhibition: it was introduced at the meeting

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