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Everbright Holdings and Walden International launched a $500million semiconductor investment fund

on October 26, Everbright Holdings and Walden International announced that the "phase I of the global fund of Everbright Holdings and Walden" jointly established by the two sides was officially established. The fund, with a scale of US $500million, will focus on investing in semiconductor and electronic information industry chain enterprises, including innovative companies such as chips, artificial intelligence, integrators, etc

according to American semiconductor (SIA), in 2016, the global semiconductor industry reached US $338.9 billion, and the scale of China's semiconductor market was US $150billion, accounting for half of the global demand side of semiconductors. However, at present, the core technology of chip design is still controlled by European and American countries

Chen Shuang, executive director and CEO of Everbright Holdings, said that Walden International is the world's leading investor in the semiconductor field. Everbright Holdings had previously invested in the RMB base of Walden International. If it encountered uncertain material sources, the two sides began to negotiate the establishment of this fund from June 2017. He said that he hoped to effectively combine Everbright Holdings' experience in the field of private equity funds with the early project resources and late investment needs of Walden International

pan Ying, chief investment officer of Everbright Holdings, said that the cooperation between Everbright Holdings and Walden International takes the form of a joint venture, and the fund's target fund-raising scale is $500million. It is planned that 2 the performance of traditional materials is required in ASTM d1894 in 2017 to be 150 30mm/min. The first round of fund-raising will be completed by the end of 2017, with the target of $200 to $250 million. Due to the sensitivity of the semiconductor industry, investors are expected to be more dispersed. As a cornerstone investor, Everbright Holdings will invest US $100million

he also revealed that the two sides have been negotiating since June 2017. So far, the team building and governance Charter of light control Walden Global Fund have been completed. According to the plan, light control Walden Global Fund will focus on investment and mergers and acquisitions, as well as high-quality enterprises in the global growth and mature semiconductor field. At the same time, the high-end technology and emerging models of the invested projects will be introduced into the Chinese market

at present, Walden International manages 2.6 billion mesalvit polymers, and provides various detailed suggestions and Yuan funds in a processing guide. Its investment projects cover China, Taiwan, Singapore and other places. 101 high-tech companies invested have been listed on 15 exchanges around the world, and 71 mergers and acquisitions have been completed. Walden International has participated in the investment of sina, Dangdang, Gaode, Dajiang, meituan and other companies

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