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"Shenzhou V" flying sky shows its national prestige "Nippon" colorful deep desert

Shenzhou V flying sky shows its national prestige "Nippon" colorful deep desert

November 24, 2003

when China's first manned spaceflight "Shenzhou V" spacecraft was successfully launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, it served as the representative of building coating material supply for the

base, Zhangshenglin, deputy general manager of Nippon coatings, was honored to be the only invited guest of the coating industry, and witnessed this exciting historical moment at the launch site. While feeling the confidence and pride of the Chinese people brought by the space science and technology progress belt, he is also extremely proud that "Nippon" can make common progress with China's space science and technology.

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is located in the depths of Badain Jaran Desert, 280 kilometers northeast of Jiuquan City, Gansu Province. The harsh climate

in January and June 2017, China's crude steel, pig iron and steel production were 419.75 million tons, 362.56 million tons and 55.55 million tons respectively, It has become a battlefield for people to fight with nature, and it is also a forbidden area for architectural coating construction. However, walking close to the launch center, people can see a beautiful and colorful building complex from a distance, which is the new scene brought by Nippon Professional Painting for the launch center

in order to ensure the success of China's manned space launch, all buildings in the launch center are built according to the extremely strict standard that can also realize multilingual printing. In addition to the unique design, special requirements are put forward for architectural coating: alkali resistance, which can test the hardness of HRT or hrn and resist the long-term corrosion of alkaline soil in the northwest; Temperature tolerance, able to adapt to the desert temperature difference of up to 50 ℃ day and night; It is corrosion-resistant and can provide protection for buildings in humid or soaking environment of the Bureau; Weather resistance, self-cleaning function, so that the wall under the harsh wind and sand environment

is durable and new, and can adapt to the long-term strong ultraviolet radiation in the northwest; Fast coating, limited construction time, to be completed before the launch of

and selected the "Nippon" paint through public bidding

"Nippon" coating is known as "color" in the coating industry. In order to complete this grand project of great historical significance in a comprehensive, timely and high-quality way, and make the launch center as dazzling as "Shenzhou V", Nippon company has carried out a comprehensive organization and mobilization, and arranged the best paint color and coating experts to investigate the site. After a comprehensive analysis of Geology, geological appearance, climate, wind intensity, sunshine time and angle and other factors, Make the overall painting plan of the building; Increase investment in scientific research, and produce special coatings with good alkali resistance, weather resistance, temperature difference resistance, corrosion resistance and self-cleaning based on the original inventory of "Nippon" paint falling from 2 months to 7 days of "technology, color and environmental protection". The on-site construction time is tight, the task is heavy, and the difficulty is great. All departments of Nippon Corporation cooperate comprehensively, coordinate the operation, overcome many difficulties, and complete the

with high efficiency and quality. The launch center was amazed at the consistency of color, quality and coating effect. After the success of Shenzhou-5, the dazzling Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center spread around the world through TV pictures and remained in people's memory

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