The most flamboyant toys hide murders, and some to

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Gorgeous toys hide "murders". Some toys exceed the standard of heavy metals

the new year is coming, and parents hope to give their children a gift. Parents should pay attention when choosing gifts for important shaft parts that have been used to make cars, tractors and machine tools, because heavy metals may be hidden behind gorgeous toys. According to the survey of Haikou toy market, it is found that some toys do not even have a certificate of conformity, and many businesses and parents ignore the concern about whether toys contain toxic ingredients

visit: beware of heavy metal "killers"

recently, I came to the toy wholesale market located in Boai South Road, Haikou City, and walked into a toy store. A pungent smell of plastic came to my nose, and almost all the toys in the store were plastic products

when he said to buy toys and want to see the certificate of conformity of toys, the boss said, "the certificates must be complete, and there are definitely certificates of conformity, as well as 3C certificates". When further asked whether there was a certificate of qualified paint, the shopkeeper said, "is it not enough to have a 3C certificate? You can leave the factory with a 3C certificate, and other certificates are unnecessary." When he wanted to see the 3C certificate, the owner didn't show it, but took out a manual. According to the instructions, the above mainly introduces the assembly methods and precautions of toys, but there is no introduction about product quality. As for the introduction of toy paint ingredients, the owner said he had never heard of it

I learned that the "3C certificate" called by the toy store owner is the abbreviation of compulsory product certification, but the 3C mark is not a quality mark, but the most basic safety certification, which does not mean that the product is also qualified in terms of hazardous substances, and other safety certifications are also required

then came to a toy store full of Christmas atmosphere. The children's toy trumpet in the box attracted attention. When asked whether the waiter had relevant certificates, the waiter smiled: "such a cheap thing, how can we need so many certificates?"

then, I visited a toy store near Pearl Square. A salesperson of a toy store said that the paint was just to make the toys look more beautiful. It was not clear that the toys should also be marked with the paint composition

experts said that the national standard "limit of harmful substances in toy coatings" has been officially implemented, which sets a ceiling on the content of harmful substances in toy coatings and requires that they be marked in the description of toys. In the process of toy production, in order to make the toy look good and durable, manufacturers generally apply decorative coatings on the surface of the substrate. Because toys are in close contact with human bodies, especially children, once the harmful substances in the paint exceed the standard, it will affect the health of children

parents: don't pay attention to the composition of toy paint

in a toy store on Boai South Road, I saw a man carrying a toy car out of a toy store. 10. Avoid scratching or corroding the guide rail surface screw rod. Ji has obtained the construction land and administrative license of the industrial park in Cape Verde; The product of the project is metallurgical grade sandy alumina. When the parent was asked whether he knew that some toys might contain harmful substances, the parent said that he often bought toys for his children, but rarely paid attention to whether the toy's certificates were complete. "We all bought it at will. We don't know how to distinguish the safety of toy surface paint. It should be no problem. Such a big car won't eat it." The parent said so

in a supermarket on Haiken Road, Haikou, Ms. Liu, a citizen, is shopping for toys for her 6-month-old children who disobey the public opinion. She said that because children are small, they pay more attention to the safety of toys. Generally, when buying toys, it depends on whether the toys have manufacturers, certificates, etc., but it is not very clear that toys must be marked with paint ingredients

doctor: the brighter the paint, the more vigilant it is.

"in recent years, there are relatively few children with lead poisoning in Haikou, but some children found that the lead exceeded the standard." Dr. Xing, head of the children's Health Department of Haikou maternal and child health hospital, told that in recent years, with the improvement of unleaded gasoline, environmentally friendly paint and citizens' awareness of environmental protection, in the screening of trace elements in children, the number of children with lead poisoning was significantly reduced, but some children had the problem of lead exceeding the standard

Dr. Xing said that compared with the mainland, Hainan has a better air environment, with little industrial pollution, so there are not many children with heavy metal poisoning in hospitals. However, the problem of harmful substances in toy paint should be paid attention to by parents

Dr. Xing pointed out that most places where children live are arranged like a dream world, and almost all of them are decorated with colored decoration. Behind this colorful, there is a health "killer": the brighter the paint, the more heavy metal content, which is easy to cause lead pollution. There are many hidden dangers in all kinds of toys. Lead pollution in the paint on wooden toys and volatile substances in plastic toys can't be ignored

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