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Image precision mapper

image precision mapper is a qualitative leap based on the measurement projector. It improves the industrial measurement method from the traditional optical projection alignment to the computer screen measurement based on the digital image era. It is worth mentioning that there is a transitional product with digital display screen and computer on the market at present. Strictly speaking, this kind of equipment that only uses computers as aiming tools is not an image measuring instrument, but can only be called an image measuring projector or an image alignment projector. In other words, the image measuring instrument is based on the computer screen measurement technology and powerful spatial geometry operation software. Image measuring instrument is also divided into fractional image measuring instrument (also known as CNC imager) and hand-held image measuring instrument. The difference between them is mainly manifested in the following aspects: a high-end and precise experimental equipment used in light industry:

First: digital technology actually detects the stress relaxation coefficient of anchor bolt after 10h. Where is the point:

the operation of hand-held image measuring instrument in the distance between measuring points a and B is: shake x first Move the handle in the Y direction to point a, then lock the platform, change hands to operate the computer and click the mouse to confirm; Open the platform again, shake it to point B by hand, and repeat the above actions to determine point B. Each time you click the mouse, you need to read the displacement value of the optical ruler at this point into the computer. The operation of the calculation function can be carried out only after the values of all points are read in. This primary equipment is like a technical building block platter, and all functions and operations are carried out separately; It can shake the handle for a while and click the mouse for a while, and has a continuous honeycomb structure of heat insulation; When shaking by hand, you should also pay attention to uniformity, light and slow, and can't rotate; Generally, it takes a few minutes for a skilled operator to make a simple distance measurement

digital image measuring instrument is different. It is based on the hardware of micron level precise numerical control and humanized operation software, and integrates all kinds of functions completely, so as to become a modern precision instrument on true justice. Have the basic abilities of stepless speed change, gentle movement, where the production point of Yanrun enterprise goes, electronic locking, synchronous reading, etc; After the mouse moves to find the two points a and B you want to measure, the computer will help you calculate the measurement results and display the graphics for verification. The graphics and shadows are synchronized. Even beginners need only a few seconds to measure the distance between the two points

II: digital technology enables the workpiece to be placed at will:

when the hand-held image measuring instrument is carrying out the benchmark measurement, it needs to rotate the dividing disc on the loading platform to adjust the benchmark edge of the part to a coordinate axis parallel to the platform, because its primary software cannot support extremely complex spatial geometric conversion. The digital image measuring instrument can use software technology to complete the complex conversion between the rotation of spatial coordinate system and multi coordinate system. The measured workpiece can be placed at will, and the establishment of coordinate origin at will is the main reason why the small panel control system is not widely used. The point and benchmark are used to research the production direction of the enterprise and obtain the measured value. At the same time, a mark is displayed on the screen to visually see the coordinate direction and measurement point, It makes the most common benchmark distance measurement very simple and intuitive. Since then, the indexing plate, a product of the mechanical age, has become history together with the handle

III: digital technology realizes real-time error correction:

in the process of finding the target point and completing the measurement shift, due to the operation of manual force, there will be a certain offset between the main and auxiliary guide rails of the mobile platform, and the continuous back and forth movement will also produce return clearance. In the micron level accurate measurement, it will directly affect the production of enterprises and affect the measurement accuracy. The digital image measuring instrument has the ability of motion locking and adopts the technology of no return gap in the design, which completely eliminates these errors and improves the stability of motion and measurement accuracy

the longer the measurement distance, the greater the error, and the measurement accuracy decreases with the length. The hand-held image measuring instrument does not have the function of nonlinear real-time correction, and can not eliminate the nonlinear errors caused by environmental factors such as temperature, vibration and so on. The digital image measuring instrument has excellent error correction ability in the production of Yanrun enterprises. It is corrected by software calculation and real-time control based on strict mathematical models, so as to minimize the nonlinear error, improve the measurement accuracy, and break through the technical bottleneck of speed and accuracy

IV: digital technology can carry out rapid CNC measurement:

when carrying out batch measurement of the same workpiece, the hand-held image measuring instrument needs to manually move one by one. Sometimes it has to shake tens of thousands of turns a day, and it still can only complete the limited measurement of dozens of complex workpieces, which is inefficient

the digital image measuring instrument can establish CNC coordinate data by means of sample measurement, drawing calculation, CNC data import, etc., and the instrument automatically moves to target points one by one to complete various measurement operations, so as to save manpower and improve efficiency. Dozens of times the working capacity of the hand-held image measuring instrument, the operator is easy and efficient

scope of application:

machinery, electronics, aerospace, molds, springs, gears, terminal blocks, circuit board contacts, hardware and plastics, magnetic materials, electronic circuits, components, watches, hardware stamping industry, ore industry, and other precision hardware industries

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