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China's first biocarbon will go to the international market

at the technical exchange and new product launch of Zhuhai consumables exhibition, Tianwei company held a biocarbon product launch, introducing the manufacturing technology and application cases of biocarbon to all guests

it is reported that Tianwei company launched the first biocarbon suitable for HP printers in 2010. At present, it is the only manufacturer of biocarbon in China. The toner uses corn, sugarcane, soybeans Biological resin synthesized from potato and other raw materials as raw materials (ordinary carbon powder uses petroleum resin, which reduces the dependence on traditional petroleum raw materials. In the manufacturing process, CO2 emissions are reduced; high temperature degradation can be achieved in the environment of continuous bottoming of water steel, which simplifies and accelerates the deinking process of office waste paper; waste biological activated carbon powder is a kind of compostable fertilizer, which is conducive to environmental protection. So far, Tianwei company has launched five black-and-white biological carbon powder products, which are suitable for HP and San Star and brother printers. According to the third-party testing agency beta laboratory in the United States, the biological content of biocarbon powder suitable for HP printers can reach up to 48%. At present, these products are mainly sold to the domestic market, and are planning to gradually promote the international market and launch color biocarbon products

as the pioneer of domestic biocarbon, Tianwei company believes that there are still some bottlenecks in the development of domestic biocarbon. It is mainly the improvement of manufacturing technology, the supply of toner raw materials and market promotion, especially the lack of high-quality resin and other toner raw materials

Tang Fugen, general manager of Tianwei holding SMEA carbon powder Co., Ltd. Table 1: we believe that these products have great market prospects because of their good product performance and environmental protection performance. The printing quality of our bio toner is comparable to the original in terms of color density, page output and all aspects of the inspection process

statement: domestic instruments lack special solutions developed for users

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