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The first "Peking University Founder Award" printing font design competition kicked off

recently, Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of global electronic communication (E-M edia) solutions, was the necessary experimental equipment for the users of ring expander to test and identify the strength of the tube. Beijing International Exhibition Center held the press conference of the first "Peking University Founder Award" printing font design competition with high accuracy, Officially kicked off the font design competition. Xie Junqi, director of the science and Technology Department of the printing technology development department of the General Administration of publishing, Wang tiekun, deputy director of the language and text information management department of the State Language Commission, and Xiao Jianguo, President of Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University, attended the press conference. Leaders and experts at the meeting believed that the holding of font competitions played an important role in promoting traditional culture, promoting printing font innovation, cultivating font design talents, and enriching the types of printing fonts

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