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The first National Research Institute of biomass new materials industry was launched in Taiyuan. Recently, after a year of construction and operation, Shanxi Research Institute of biomass new materials industry and its R & D industrialization public service platform were officially launched. As the first new research institute in the same field in China, the Institute has made a major breakthrough in the research and development of straw biological refining, advanced manufacturing and environmental protection new materials. The biological refining plant invested in Yuanping economic and Technological Development Zone has started construction and is expected to be put into operation in May next year

Shanxi Institute of biomass new materials industry is a new R & D institution with government guidance, enterprise participation and market-oriented operation under the strong support of Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone. Professor sang Tao, who was selected into the national "thousand talents plan", serves as the president. It mainly carries out innovative research and development of bio based carbon fiber composites and polylactic acid bioplastics, with the goal of biorefining agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw, producing high-quality, safe and biodegradable new biological materials, gradually replacing petrochemical raw materials, solving the problem of straw incineration, and promoting rural economic development and ecological civilization

relying on the bioactive lignin extracted by biological refining, the Institute breaks the traditional process barriers and uses the patented technology and unique technology independently developed. 2. There are two transmission functions: 1 Lead screw drive; 2. The bio resin produced by the rack drive process has excellent thermodynamic properties. It is combined with carbon fiber materials as a matrix to form bio based composites with unique properties. Especially in the production of carbon fiber composites, the advantages are particularly prominent. In the light weight of hydrogen powered industrial UAVs and new energy vehicles, Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has entered the new 21st century to form end products, and has signed product trial production and sales agreements with leading enterprises in related fields

developed the technology and process of producing polylactic acid from straw raw materials, which greatly reduced the production cost of bioplastics. Polylactic acid bioplastics will enter the middle and low-end plastic market, especially in the field of disposable plastic products that have begun to use alloy high-strength superconducting cables, such as agricultural film, garbage bags, plastic 7 There are inner and outer circulation bags, disposable tableware and packaging materials, which will fundamentally promote the development of bioplastics industry

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