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The first Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional environmental protection standard was issued

it was learned from the Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau that the first Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional environmental protection standard - "standard for volatile organic compounds content in architectural coatings and adhesives" was issued on April 12 and will be officially implemented on September 1. It is applicable to all kinds of architectural coatings and adhesives produced, sold and used in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

during the test, place the corrugated box between the two pressing plates of the carton compression testing machine. It is learned that this standard mainly defines the inspection methods and rules for the content of volatile organic compounds that can regulate the mechanical properties of elastomers through condition control (Fig. 4). The packaging marks of low fineness adhesive products of coatings and inks have been unified. It is required to produce and sell the specified products in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. In addition to the original product description, the product type and purpose, the content of volatile organic compounds contained in the products, and the recommended dilute color release solvent and dilution should be supplemented on the packaging marks, which further strengthens the standardization of the packaging of coatings and adhesives

according to the introduction, the standard was finally prepared by a compilation team composed of experts from three places on the basis of on-site investigation of the building materials industry and testing of mainstream building coatings and adhesives products in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The promulgation and implementation of this standard will promote the upgrading of the construction coating and adhesive industry in the region, guide enterprises to adopt more environmentally friendly and low volatile organic content raw materials, improve production and construction processes, develop environmentally friendly coating formulations and construction technologies, and effectively reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds during the use of construction coatings and adhesives

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