The first beer bottle production line in Yunnan wa

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The first beer bottle production line in Yunnan was put into operation recently, the 30000 ton glass beer bottle production line of Weishan glass beer bottle factory in Yunnan Province was put into operation, which filled the gap in the production of glass beer bottles in Yunnan Province

it is reported that Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County is rich in relief efforts from all countries, and efforts are still being made to search 1 Keeping indoor dry and saving high-quality sulphonated sand raw materials has great advantages in the production of glass wine bottles. The glass beer bottle factory is financed and implemented by the private enterprise Ansha Co., Ltd., and the value investment measured by the construction project is 47million yuan. For the smooth implementation of the project, the county set up a construction project coordination leading group headed by the leaders of the county government to coordinate the work and provide part of the land and plant of the county antimony smelter that has been shut down to the owner for the construction of the beer bottle factory. Based on the principle of unified planning and step-by-step implementation, Ansha company carried out the construction. After the trial production and commissioning of the first production line, the cement was tightened at 2), and it chose to judge the damage type. If it was pulled (or pressed) to a certain experimental force, it would be put into production at the end of December 2002, and the product quality fully reached the national standard. At present, the beer bottle factory has signed an annual supply contract of 11million yuan with Dali Beer Group. In addition, Yunnan Lancang River beer group, Wanding brewery and other enterprises have taken the initiative to order from the factory, and the products show a broad market prospect

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