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On November 12, at the load linkage test run site of the first domestic plastic extrusion blow molding heavy packaging film unit, more than 20 expert representatives of large domestic petrochemical enterprises showed great interest in this domestic unit, which can meet international standards through the interaction of computers and single chip computers. The trial operation of this unit marks the end of the history of relying on imports for resin repackaging membrane equipment used in China's petrochemical industry

at present, all the resin packaging bag production equipment used by domestic petrochemical enterprises are imported from abroad, and the price is about 20million yuan. The domestic output of lithium iron phosphate materials continues to grow. This unit developed by Dalian can not only completely replace imported equipment, but also the price is only 1/3 of imported equipment. This new medical grade polycarbonate Makrolon rx3440 launched by covestro will be exhibited in this exhibition. It is the first blow molding heavy packaging film unit with independent intellectual property rights in China. The research and development of the unit was included in the major industrial technology innovation project of Dalian this year, and was supported by the municipal government

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