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FDA certified the first bioabsorbable vascular stent

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first fully absorbable stent for the treatment of coronary artery disease on July 5. The stent is called absorb GT1 bioabsorbable vascular stent system (abbreviated as absorb GT1 BVS). It releases everolimus to limit the growth of scar tissue, and can be gradually absorbed by the human body within 3 years

once the patient's body no longer needs a stent for treatment, the stent made of polyglycolic acid can be gradually absorbed by the body. Except for four very small platinum markers that will be embedded in the arterial wall (to help doctors identify the placement position of absorb GT1 BVS), basically other foreign substances will not remain in the patient's body

according to the statistics of the national heart, lung, and Blood Institute, about 370000 people die of coronary heart disease in the United States every year. When the content of cholesterol in blood vessels increases, it will narrow the coronary artery and reduce the blood flow into the heart, which will lead to coronary heart disease. Chest pain (angina pectoris), shortness of breath, fatigue or other symptoms of heart disease may occur

doctors often use metal stents to expand arteries and treat coronary artery diseases through "angioplasty". During the treatment process, scar tissue will be formed in the stent, making the artery narrow again. Everolimus stents can temporarily release drugs, especially a few months after implantation, to prevent the formation of scar tissue

"FDA's certification of absorb GT1 BVS provides a new treatment for coronary heart disease patients undergoing angioplasty - biological absorption devices can be used instead of permanent metal stents." Dr. Bram Zuckerman, director of vascular devices at the FDA Center for equipment and radiological health, said

it is reported that absorb GT1 BVS is produced by Abbott vacuum company in the United States

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