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Person of the week

… was, and posthumously, the Duke of Edinburgh. Members of the British royal family seem to now live to a ripe old age. For many, many people, the Queen and Prince Philip have been constants over many a decade. They have reached pensionable age with these two figures always having been present. Indomitable, steadfast, unshakeable, despite everything. Until now. Prince Philip has gone, and with his passing, so also goes an element of so many people’s lives for so long. Tributes, obituaries, recollection of the gaffes …; they are numerous. But for those reflecting quietly, there will simply be the memory of someone who was always there.

Three cheers …

For the 200,000 barrier having been crossed. By Thursday, more than 200,000 doses of vaccine had been administered. On Wednesday, a record was set for the number of vaccines given in one day – 9The Save Max Sports Centre in Brampton. They are one of 11 clinics in Peel giving ou,364oxford_astrazeneca_covid_19_vaccine. This did admittedly mean that only slightly less than 15% of the adult population had received at least one dose by Thursday, but progress seemed to be being made. There again, with each step forward, there was another one backward. AstraZeneca had been suspended. Again. And now there was also an issue with Johnson & Johnson. One day, 70% of the population will have been immunised.

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ALCUDIA. TURISMO . Semana Santa en tonos grises para los turistas.

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